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The World’s most comfortable high heels

A clear leader of the Brazilian Footwear industry, it's worn by millions of women around the globe and is now available to the Australian women... read more about Ramarim here.


Beira Rio is the brand that makes the most elegant fashionable shoes, with a very large variety and a versatility delighting consumers in Brazil and around the world with each new collection. Beira Rio meets the fantastic challenge daily in creating products to delight women and satisfy their tastes and desires.

Elegance without limits. That is what Beira Rio offers and that is what women want. Beira Rio is a brand that defines fashion with variety, versatility and enchantment in order to satisfy customers.

Beira Rio knows that as well as being gorgeous and stylish, women want comfort and safety! Therefore, all shoes are manufactured with advanced technology and quality materials that ensure softness and flexibility. This is seen in the finish as well as in soles and heels. And the shoes are 30% lighter than the standard.

The insoles in the Beira Rio shoes are also noteworthy in that they reduce pressure to all areas of the foot. Composed of special materials they provide extreme comfort and a soft touch, reducing the impact when you walk and ensuring a comfortable, safe and elegant posture.

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Moleca is vivaciousness, happiness and lightness. Moleca brings grace and brilliance to your customers. Moleca matches your style with today’s trends. Moleca is a brand that feels wonderful and is a pleasure to wear with great comfort.


Beauty is having style. Putting on a Vizzano shoe is the ultimate experience and lifts the entire concept of excellence to a new level. To have beauty, it is essential to have style. And Vizzano is the perfect stage. Luxury and glamour is in every detail of the Vizzano brand. Its objective is to extend the boundaries of fashion.